Spring and Fall leaves are awesome and beautiful to look at, BUUUT not in the yard. Some people think of spring and fall cleanups as a huge chore. For some maybe. It is necessary to get the leaves off the lawn. This will kill out the grass way before the complete decomposition is complete. You don’t want a huge bald spot on your lawn.

You have several ways of raking up the leaves:

  • Perhaps attaching a bagging system to your mower. This is probably the easiest route to take.
  • Grab a blower and start blowing. This works fairly well for very small properties or certain areas that tough to get into with a mower.
  • Get a rake. The easiest way said no one ever.

So we got all the leaves rounded up. What’s next? Are you a gardener? Use them for compost.
You can also use some of the mulched-up leaves for mulch around the flower bed, gardens, and new lawns.

Essentially, the best by far to get the leaves up without spending a ton of time is to run your mower with mulching blades over them. Keep in mind, this will take a few passes. Also, don’t forget to spread them evenly if you take this route. You want as many leaves to fall under the grass as possible.

One quick note. Your city might take yard debris away for free. Check with the city before raking them to the curb. I would hate for you to work twice as hard.

Don’t forget, If you have kids or a dog gets out there and jumps in them. After all that hard work it’s time for some playtime. If you still find this too overwhelming contact us today.