Have you ever drove past a couple of homes in a subdivision and there’s a very small but very noticeable distinct difference between the two? The one on the left looks nice with really crisp cut lines alongside the sidewalk and driveways. And you have the one on the right side which looks ehh ok but it could definitely use a sprucing up?

That’s right folks, it only takes a little to make it look like a lot. Not to mention, it just makes for better curb appeal. Easier on the eyes easier for you and the neighbors. Also, if you are in the market to sell the house guess what?! Yep, you guessed it, it also adds value. Who doesn’t want value when selling your home?

Once you establish the initial edge it makes for an easy trim later. Depending on how fast your lawn grows will determine how often you need to keep a nice crisp looking edge. Remember to blow out the edge with a blower. That’s where the details really POP! You can really use just about anything to edge the driveway and sidewalk…Well, maybe not anything. You get the idea.

Edging around driveways, sidewalks and especially flower beds will help keep invasive pesky weeds out as well.

Let’s talk about what kinds of tools to use for our edging purposes for all you “Do it yourselfers out there.”

Motorized handheld edgers

Probably by far the best (in my opinion to use aside from the fact of calling someone else) tool to use and the easiest would be this bad boy here. For all the technical folks out there like myself a FS91R Kombie attachment just might do the trick. Now, this is a Stihl brand. Just my choice.

A manual edger

Not my top choice but this little beast will get the job done as well. NOTE (THIS WILL NOT REPLACE YOUR GYM MEMBERSHIP)

And there you have it folks, the benefits of edging and trimming around your lawn. Plus the added bonus of course with the types of tools to use.

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